How Does It Work?

Group Training is a training and employment arrangement where apprentices and trainees are employed under an Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract and placed with host employers.


Apprenticeships Are Us arranges and monitors the on and off-the-job training (i.e. through TAFE or other Registered Trainining Organisation). Our dedicated staff monitor the apprentice and/or trainee, and provide support and advice for the host employer and the apprentice in training.


We also take responsibility for all paperwork including wages, superannuation and other employee benefits. We have a high level of commitment to WHS and the safety of our apprentices and trainees.

Interview Process

  • Each applicant is interviewed and undertakes an aptitude test.
  • Successful and eligible applicants are put through an automotive pre-apprenticeship course that runs for two weeks.
  • Following the pre-apprenticeship course, applicants complete a one week work trial in their chosen automotive field.


Our recruitment process is completed over a three week period. All feedback from the recruitment process is forwarded to the employer to review.


If you would like to be booked in for an interview for an automotive apprenticeship, contact Apprenticeships Are Us on (02) 9891 6900.