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Automotive Apprenticeships

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Free Online Courses for Automotive Apprentices

Our team have created short online courses to help you stand out from the crowd as an automotive apprentice, with skills that you can use on and off the job.

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Financial Support for Apprentices in Priority Occupations

The Australian government is providing direct payments to eligible apprentices in priority occupations.

Good News Stories

How long does a mechanic apprenticeship take to complete?
I completed a 4-year apprenticeship and Apprenticeships Are Us has done nothing but their best to help me along the way to make sure I succeed in getting the knowledge I need to do and complete my trade.
Should I use an Automotive Apprentice Mentor when completing my Apprenticeship?

Through all my ups and downs over the 4 years of my apprenticeship, Apprenticeships Are Us never left my side and I can’t thank them enough. Great company to do an apprenticeship through would recommend to anyone looking at an automotive apprenticeship to go through these guys. 11/10 service
I just wanted to say thank you so much to Dennis and everyone else in the team at APPRUS. You guys have been there for me through both the highs and lows of my apprenticeship, and I am so grateful for everything you have done. The pre-apprenticeship course helped me so much starting out as it taught me the basics (because I knew nothing about cars other than they have four wheels and take you places). If it wasn’t for that course I might’ve never gotten into the trade as I wouldn’t know how or where to start. I really felt seen and heard as Dennis always came out to see me and the other apprentices frequently, always asking if we needed anything and checking how we are going. If I ever had any issues, Dennis always handled them quickly and kept me up to date on things.
Thank you and everyone again and I wish you all the best.
Can I change employers while completing a Light or Heavy Vehicle Apprenticeship?
As a qualified panel beater by trade, I was looking for a new path in becoming a diesel mechanic, unfortunately, my age and COVID made it extremely hard to get a job. Apprenticeships Are Us helped me get my first job extremely quickly and helped me out along my journey, after not suiting the first job Phil and his team helped me get my now current job in which I am about to complete my apprenticeship and continue my tradesman career. I would like to thank Phil, Garry and the team at Apprenticeships Are Us for assisting me over the last four years in all aspects of completing this course.

Who We Are

Apprenticeships Are Us is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) that has been supplying quality Automotive Apprentices to the industry for over 15 years. We Specialise in Mechanical Apprenticeships for Light and Heavy Vehicles, Accident Repair trades such as Panel Beating and Spray Painting. We proudly work with Commonwealth and State Governments, Registered Training Organisations and the Educational system working closely with schools, we are at the forefront of addressing the skills shortage in the automotive industry. Apprenticeships Are Us is a not for profit organisation and registered charity.

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