School Based Apprenticeship

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) are available to school students in Year 10 or the beginning of Year 11. Combining 1 day per week of training and 1 day per week on-the-job, SBATs are a great way of capturing those who know what they want to do at a younger age.


By 31 December of the HSC school year, SBATs must have worked a minimum of 130 days. These work days can include more than one day per week during school holidays.



  • An SBAT can work more days in peak periods
  • Head start in your career
  • Nationally recognised qualification
  • Opportunity to earn and learn
  • Gain skills to transition out of school
  • Move into the second year of your apprenticeship on completing your HSC


For more information or if you would like to apply for a school-based apprenticeship, contact Apprenticeships Are Us on 02 9891 6900 or 


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